Gardening with Short Growing Seasons
By Graham Saunders
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The Demon Dragonfly & the Burning Wheel
By Peter Fergus-Moore

During the Great Depression in Canada, mysterious happenings and unexplained appearances have the Lake Superior city of Port Arthur on edge. The police are baffled. With snappy dialogue this vintage spy thriller takes place in the gritty wild days of the pre-Second World War Canadian Lakehead and features a Humphrey-Bogard-like hero, the roguish but congenial Laurence Speke. Northeners have been waiting for someone to write a ''Superior'' mystery adventure and author Peter Fergus-Moore has delivered an edgy thriller with plenty of unexpected twists and turns.

About the Author
Originally from London, Ontario, Peter Fergus-Moore has lived in Northwestern Ontario for over fifteen years. He has written for the Winnipeg Free Press, Thunder Bay Chronicle-Journal and Lake Superior Magazine. After years of human interest and arts journalism, he has turned his writing to fiction in his first novel, The Demon Dragonfly & the Burning Wheel. "The Northwest of Ontario is still a relatively neglected country in our literature," said Peter. "A myriad of stories await our discovery!".
ISBN # 9780968835524
Eolipile Publications.  2008.

White Otter Castle: Legacy of Jimmy McOuat                                   
By Elinor Barr

On White Otter Lake in the wilderness of Northwestern Ontario stands a log Castle with a tower four stories high. This imposing structure and the man who built it have cast a spell of mystery and romance since 1914.

White Otter Castle represents an unusual, epic accomplishment that has become one of Northwestern Ontario’s most famous manmade landmarks. Some people voice surprise at finding such a large lone sentinel far from the centres of population. Others comment on the unique architecture.  Still others marvel that Jimmy McOuat constructed it by himself.

ISBN # 09691717-0-6
Singing Shields Productions. 1984. Reprinted 1986, 1991 and 2003.

When Trains Stopped in Dinorwic: The Story of Eric Rhind         
By Hazel Fulford    

Genteel poverty became the real thing in 1914 when the Rhind family immigrated to Northwestern Ontario and ended up in Dinorwic.  By age ten, Eric Rhind was doing a man’s work on the homestead.  Eric relives the good times: his first powwow, the characters at Quinn’s Hotel, games with the game warden. Trains romp through the entire story with flags and coloured lights, with changing bells and whistles and russet coaches riding a silver track.  This is a Northwestern Ontario Heritage publication.
ISBN # 09691717-2-2
Singing Shields Productions. 1990.

Escape to White Otter Castle (Youth Novel)    
by Elizabeth Kouhi                          

This classic youth novel is set in the small Northwestern Ontario town of Ignace, along the canoe route southward, and at White Otter Castle, during the early 1920s. Memories of Jimmy McOuat, the solitary builder, are still fresh in Harry’s mind and Jimmy’s spirit seems to linger around the massive log structure. 

Author Elizabeth Kouhi’s writing is firmly rooted in the mystique of Northwestern Ontario’s landscape. She is the best-selling author of both youth novels and poetry books.
ISBN # 09691717-4-9
Singing Shields Production 1993

Jamie of Fort William (Youth Novel)      
By Elizabeth Kouhi  

This Classic youth novel by veteran storyteller Elizabeth Kouhi takes readers back to the bustling fur-trading era on Lake Superior. The story is about Jamie, a young boy from Montreal who goes to work at Fort William, the elaborate headquarters of the North West Company.  His uncles are partners in the company. Adventures and hardships are interspersed with factual references to the heard work behind the glamour.   

ISBN # 088887-146-5
Borealis Press 1996
(Singing Shields was NWO distributor; now River Rocks)

Trick or Treat (Youth Novel)
By Elizabeth Kouhi

A boy´s adventures in the upper Ottawa valley in a small railway town set in the early twentieth century focussing on Halloween. Halloween was coming. Jim´s school was planning a big Halloween party. Students from the youngest to the oldest were involved in the planning. But in the community during the dark autumn nights other plans were being made, into which Jim was being reluctantly drawn. That autumn was not all just Halloween - a trip into town on the local train, a weekend at a trapper´s cabin, a fishing afternoon, and bears, reflected life as it was lived by 13-year-old Jim in his 1920s railway village.
ISBN # 088887-844-3
Borealis Press
(Singing Shields was NWO distributor, now River Rocks)


The Wolf’s Eye: Twenty Stories from Northwestern Ontario
Edited by Charles Wilkins

Northwestern Ontario is a mottled map of ancient mountains, evergreen forests and deep, cold lakes. It forms the north shore of the most majestic and inscrutable body of water in the world: Lake Superior.  It is a land of dazzling summers and near-arctic winters.

In a multitude of ways, the writers in this book convey the strength, rawness and bracing vitality of the landscape and climate they inhabit. And they confirm a timeless truth about literature: that a writer’s physical surroundings are a prime stimulant to the rich cartography of his or her imagination.

ISBN # 09696339-0-4
Thunder Books (Thunder Bay Publishing Cooperative) 1992.
(Formerly distributed exclusively through Singing Shields, now River Rocks)

Flying Colours: New Stories from Northwestern Ontario               
edited by Rosalind Maki

Like The Wolf’s Eye which preceded it, this exciting collection of stories from Northwestern Ontario lights up the lives and landscapes of the boreal heartland. At the same time, it extends itself to distant parts of the planet and to the edges of the imagination.

ISBN # 09696339-1-2
Thunder Books (Thunder Bay Publishing Cooperative)
(Formerly distributed exclusively by Singing Shields, now through River Rocks)

Highway 17 (Book of Poetry)
By Marianne Jones  

Chapbook of poetry about Northwestern Ontario.


By Penny Petrone

Penny Petrone’s first memoir, Breaking the Mould (1995) told the story of growing up in Port Arthur as the daughter of working-class immigrant parents. The second volume, Embracing Serafina (2000), recounted her continuing search for identity. With Schoolmarm, her life’s narrative is now complete.

In Schoolmarm, Penny recalls a teaching career that began at North Bay Normal School and culminated at the Lakehead University Faculty of Education where she, in turn, trained teachers. Along the way she taught in Europe and Africa, in big cities and rural communities across Ontario, and at virtually every level from one-room schoolhouses to university classrooms. Penny Petrone published many works during her lifetime. Penny won the Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations' Teaching Award in 1988, Lakehead University's first Distinguished Teacher Award in 1989, and the Elizabeth Kouhi Award in 2004. She died in 2005.
4.5" x 7", 224 p. and 31 images
Softcover  ISBN 0-920-119-54-9

Thunder Bay Quiz Book:
101 Fascinating Questions about our History

by Thorold J. Tronrud and David Nicholson

Everybody loves a quiz. For years now, on Canada Day, the Thunder Bay Historical Museum Society has been running a history quiz in the pages of the Chronicle-Journal newspaper. Many of the questions in this book got their start there. But this book has much more. Almost every question is illustrated with photographs or drawings and it also contains crosswords and other puzzles. Learn history, and have fun doing it.

9" x 7", 60 p. and 86 images
Softcover  ISBN 0-920-119-50-6

Lake Superior to Rainy Lake: Three Centuries of Fur Trade History
Edited by Jean Morrison

The focus of Lake Superior to Rainy Lake is the fur trade along Northwestern Ontario’s southern margins, the Voyageurs’ Highway from Lake Superior to the Manitoba border. Spanning over three centuries, from the French era to the 21st century, the book covers such aspects of North West Company and Hudson’s Bay Company history as fur trade rivalry and relationships, trade goods and transportation logistics, mixed-blood families and daily life, and the strategic roles of Michipicoten, Fort William and Rainy Lake. It concludes with a brief look at issues facing the fur trade since 1900. The writings of academics and post-graduate students, of professional researchers and keen amateurs are gathered here. Together they give us a new understanding of the significant role this part of North America played in the development of an important industry. Culled largely from journals and government files, these articles and reports together make a noteworthy contribution to the literature of the Northwestern Ontario fur trade. 8" x 10.25", 172 p. and 37 images
Softcover -  ISBN 0-920-119-48-4

Milk Bottles and Dairies of Thunder Bay and Area, 1906-2003
By Wayne Pettit and Dave Maclean

This book provides a short history of the dairies of Fort William and Port Arthur (now known as the City of Thunder Bay) and the nearby towns of Nipigon, Beardmore and Geraldton. Here you will also find detailed descriptions of individual bottles along with related items and advertisements used in the dairy business, giving collectors, historians and the general public a unique insight into the way milk products were handled in the early days of the industry.
Wayne Pettit and Dave Maclean are long-time bottle collectors with a speciality in those from dairies in Northwestern Ontario.
8.5" x 10.5", 62 p. and 125 images
Softcover  ISBN 0-920-119-46-8

The Eagle of Thunder Cape
by W.S. Piper

We are just beginning to realize the charm and importance of Indian legends. "Too late, perhaps," wrote W.S. Piper when he first published this book in 1924, as many of the old-time Ojibways, who translated freely, had passed away. By pen and camera the author tried to preserve some of the stories told to him years ago by his Indian friends, Chief Skeet, Luke Bushy, Chief Penassie, Chief Blackstone, and Joe Turtle, among others. There is an unmistakable fascination about Indian legends which is greatly increased when they are heard amidst the surroundings that gave them birth.
William Samuel Piper was born in Kircubbin, Ireland, in 1863 and emigrated to Canada with his family nine years later, settling on a farm near Wardsville, Ontario. An enterprising young man, he left home at 18 and travelled west to Fort Garry and later to Fort William where he opened a hardware business. His love of exploration led him to travel the countryside extensively, and he developed many close relationships with the Indian people of Northwestern Ontario. W.S. Piper died in 1927.
6" x 9", 134 p. and 29 images.
Softcover ISBN 0-920-119-44-1

In Search of a Better Life: Emigration to Thunder Bay from a Small Town in Calabria 
by John Potestio

Grimaldi is one of the great sending towns of Calabria, a region of the south of Italy from which thousands of people have emigrated to Canada and the rest of the world. Thunder Bay is home to the largest immigrant community of Grimaldesi anywhere in the world. In this work, the author examines the reasons why so many of these people have settled in the Lakehead, and describes the process of integration in an area of Canada that was vastly different than the Calabrian town from whence they came. In addition, relying on personal and family experiences, the author sheds some light on the significant changes that have occurred within the Grimaldesi immigrant community and offers insights into the significant phenomenon of return-migration.

John Potestio was born in Grimaldi, Italy, and came to Canada in 1953. He received his B.A. from Western University and his M.A. from Lakehead University. He taught social sciences for thirty-three years in various secondary schools before retiring in 1996. Some of his publications are The History of the Italian Mutual Benefit Society, The Memoirs of Giovanni Veltri, which he edited, and The Italian Immigrant Experience, and Thunder Bay's People which he co-edited with Antonio Pucci.
6" x 9", 182 p.
ISBN 0-920-119-38-7

Thunder Bay to Gunflint: The Port Arthur, Duluth & Western Railway 
by Elinor Barr

The PAD&W began as an international railway, running from Port Arthur to Fort William, Westfort, Slate River, Stanley, Silver Creek, Hymers, Silver Mountain, Whitefish Lake, North Lake, Leeblain and Gunflint terminating at Paulson Iron Mine in Minnesota. This is the story of the political intrigue that swirled around its beginnings, and the fascinating individuals who guided its destiny.

Elinor Barr has written about many aspects of Northwestern Ontario's past including railroading in Ignace, logging along the Pigeon River, mining at Silver Islet, the mystique of White Otter Castle, and the Swedes who founded the Scandinavian Home Society.  This is her sixth book.

8.5" x 11", 151 p.
ISBN 0-920-119-36-0

Timber Wolves:Greed and Corruption in Northwestern Ontario's Timber Industry, 1875-1960
by J.P. Bertrand

The fascinating story of the pioneer loggers, pulpwood operators, timber speculators and mill promoters, many of whom the author knew first hand. Their devices to obtain exportable pulpwood, without having to pay Crown dues, their trespassing on Crown Reserves, and their intrigues behind the scenes to gain favour with political leaders come to life in the pages of this book. Timber Wolves is an indispensable and highly entertaining study of Northwestern Ontario's timber industry.

J.P. Bertrand came to Northwestern Ontario in 1900 and quickly built a successful career in the timber industry. This book was written in 1961, three years before his death, but has never been published until now. Bertrand is also author of the best-selling history of the region, Highway of Destiny.

6" x 9", 188 p.
ISBN 0-920-119-26-3

The Ships of the Paterson Fleet
by Gene Onchulenko and Skip Gillham

The Ships of the Paterson Fleet is another in the Great Lakes Marine History series published by Riverbank Traders of St. Catharines. The Paterson Fleet was owned by a family company
situated in Thunder Bay and is truly the story of hard work and the entrepreneurial spirit. The book describes each of the company's vessels from 1915-1995 with excellent black and white pictures and useful appendixes.

Gene Onchulenko of Thunder Bay has worked most of his life in the grain transportation business and is a noted ship photographer. Skip Gillham has written numerous books about the shipping fleets on the great lakes.
8.5" x 11, 141 p.
ISBN 0-969-7606-4-7

Thunder Bay: From Rivalry to Unity
Edited by Thorold J. Tronrud and A. Ernest Epp

The city of Thunder Bay was only created in 1970. Yet for over 9,000 years settlements have existed on the sheltered bay that bears the same name. Europeans arrived and established permanent buildings there as early as 1683 and the site achieved significance far beyond its borders almost 200 years ago! Even as an urban centre, the community (formerly Fort William and Port Arthur) is well into its second century.

This co-operative history utilizes the expertise of historians, archaeologists, geographers, sociologists, and urban planners to provide a well-rounded description and analysis of the communities on the shores of Thunder Bay. It explores the site's changing terrain, the story of its first peoples, and the fascinating era of the fur trade. It recounts with verve the boom years of the early 20th century when progress knew no bounds, and reveals the deadly impact of two World Wars and the Great Depression. The community's cultural spirit, its sporting heros, and its political and economic life emerge with fullness and richness in these pages.

Dr. Thorold J. Tronrud is Curator/Archivist at the Thunder Bay Historical Museum Society and an Adjunct Professor at Lakehead University.

Dr. A. Ernest Epp is an Associate Professor of History at Lakehead University. He served as Member of Parliament for the Thunder Bay-Nipigon riding from 1984-1988.

8" x 10", 278 p.
ISBN 0-920119-20-4

Guardians of Progress: Boosters and Boosterism in Thunder Bay, 1870-1914
by Thorold J. Tronrud

Guardians of Progress is a study of the ideas and techniques of those energetic and often colourful boosters - land developers, speculators, real estate promoters, pioneers, journalists, and merchants - who, between 1870 and 1914, made it their business to transform two small settlements on the shores of Lake Superior (Fort William and Port Arthur) into a Canadian version of Chicago. Ultimately they failed, but, in trying, they left an indelible mark on the character of the community they helped to create, the City of Thunder Bay.

Dr. Thorold J. Tronrud is Curator/Archivist at the Thunder Bay Historical Museum Society, a former editor of the Society's Papers & Records, and an Adjunct Professor of history at Lakehead University.

8½ x 11½, 74 p.
ISBN 0-920119-16-6

Papers & People An Illustrated History of Great Lakes Paper and its Successors, 1919-1999
by Roy Piovesana, Beth Boegh and Thorold J. Tronrud

This illustrated history details the evolution and development of Great Lakes Paper Company from a local Thunder Bay operation to part of an international forest products corporation. It is based on thousands of negatives, slides and photographic prints, taken over a fifty-year period by professional photographers. Every operation of the mill and the company's woodlands are depicted, documenting the exceptional relationship between Great Lakes and its employees. Throughout the mergers, structural changes and takeovers, the traditions of technological innovation and competitive spiritedness have allowed the Thunder Bay facility to remain one of the leading pulp and paper complexes in North America.

Roy Piovesana is a historian/photographer living in Thunder Bay. He is the author of a biography of Robert J. Manion. Beth Boegh is co-editor of the Thunder Bay Historical Museum Society's Papers & Records and chair of its publications committee. Thorold J. Tronrud is Curator and Archivist of the Thunder Bay Historical Museum Society and author of several books and articles.

Robert J. Manion: Member of Parliament for Fort William, 1917-1935
by R.H. Piovesana

Robert J. Manion was a medical doctor in Fort William who accepted the Conservative nomination to the federal parliament in 1917. He was the first representative from the Fort William riding to be elected to the House of Commons and the first representative from Northwestern Ontario to hold a federal cabinet post. This publication focuses on Dr. Manion's successes, the issues he faced, the benefits he brought to Northwestern Ontario from his post as Minister of Railways and Canals, and his defeat in his own riding in 1935.

Roy Piovesana, a retired teacher of history, is a past president of the Thunder Bay Historical Museum Society, and from 1977 to 1986 was editor of the Society's Papers & Records.

Simon J. Dawson C.E.
by M. Elizabeth Arthur

Simon Dawson (c.1820-1902) was a civil engineer, explorer, treaty negotiator, and politician. He was responsible for constructing the famous Red River Road which opened up Western Canada to settlement and represented Northwestern Ontario as M.L.A. and M.P. from 1875 to 1891. Simon J. Dawson C.E. is the first biography of this important pioneer.

Dr. M. Elizabeth Arthur was Professor of History at Lakehead University and the Honorary President of the Thunder Bay Historical Museum Society, 1983-1986.

The North West Company in Rebellion
Edited and Introduced by Jean Morrison

Simon McGillivray's notebook, recording his visit to Fort William in 1815, is an invaluable document in the history of the North West Company, the great Canadian fur trading company that rivalled the Hudson's Bay Company. Not only does it include references to issues debated and decisions made at the 1815 Council meetings, it also provides a rare insight into the human aspects of the trade with its tensions and personality conflicts. Jean Morrison has prepared an introduction which sets the events recorded in the notebook into their broader historical context. and has included biographical notes on all individuals mentioned by McGillivray.
Jean Morrison is a former research librarian at Old Fort William Historic Park, Thunder Bay.

Superior Rendezvous Place: Fort William in the Canadian Fur Trade   
By Jean Morrison

Jean Morrison has written a fascinating and important book, full of drama and colourful historical figures. Rare paintings, drawings, maps and archival photographs complement her impeccable research and lively text.  Superior Rendezvous encompasses the French predecessors of Fort William, Native Peoples of the time and the evolution of the fur trade, with an emphasis on the North West Company era.

This important work concludes with details of the reconstruction of the fort and the development of Fort William Historical Park, one of Ontario’s ‘’must see” attractions.  

Hudson’s Bay Company Adventures: Rollicking Saga of Early Fur-Traders
By Elle Andra-Warner
Heritage House  ISBN # 978-1551539584

The Mounties: Tales of Danger & Adventure From the Early Days
By Elle Andra-Warner
Heritage House  ISBN # 978-1551537894

Robert Service: A Great Canadian Poet’s Romance With the North 
By Elle Andra-Warner
Heritage House  ISBN # 978-1551539560

Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald: The Legendary Great Disaster
By Elle Andra-Warner
ISBN # 978-1554390076
Northern Press in United States; River Rocks Publishing in Canada
Currently out of stock. Pre-orders taken. Available December 2008.