Edmund Fitzgerald: The Legendary Great Lakes Shipwreck
$ 9.95

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Edmund Fitzgerald


Life in a Thundering Bay: Voices from Thunder Bay’s Past
$ 19.95
Edited Tania L. Saj & Elle Andra-Warner

A remarkable collection of stories that brings to life the early days of Fort William and Port Arthur, Ontario. Amazingly, many of these stories have been lost or difficult to find for over 100 years – this is the first time they have been brought together in a book. 

In their own words, pioneers of Northern Ontario describe their unforgettable experiences: read about Catherine Vickers’ spectacular canoe journey to Kakabeka Falls in 1873; witness a ‘vagabond’s’ street fight in Port Arthur in 1883; and, relive J. C. Bank’s frozen nightmare on Lake Superior during the Great Storm of 1893.

Life in a Thundering Bay

These stories remind us that life on the North Shore of Lake Superior has always been a gamble and an adventure, which makes for great reading.

Dr. Tania L. Saj is an anthropologist with a PhD from the University of Calgary. She is the author of numerous publications in biological and anthropological journals; this is her first book. Thunder Bay is her hometown.

Elle Andra-Warner is a journalist and author of several non-fiction books, including Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald, Robert Service, Hudson’s Bay Company and The Mounties. She is a long-time resident of Thunder Bay.

River Rocks Publishing, Thunder Bay. 2007, reprint 2008.

            ISBN # 978-0-9782721-0-4

Pirates of Nirado River
$ 9.95

By Michael Setala

The forests of Northwestern Ontario are home to the Pirates of Nirado River. Captain Corey and his crew like to spend their days fishing and hanging around their cabin.  But one day something strange happens – Spencer Dann gets kidnaped.
The pirates set out to find him. Along the way other misadventures keep happening. Somebody tries to burn down their cabin and booby-trap their boat. Worst of all, Captain Corey and his boys get blamed for a bunch of things they didn’t do. Or did they?
Who is causing all of this havoc? Join Captain Corey and the Pirates of Nirado River as they try to solve the mystery.

Juvenile Fiction

The Pirates of Nirado River

River Rocks Publishing.
2008.ISBN # 978-0-9782721-2-8


The Last Best Places:                                                                              
The Social Life of  Historic Buildings of Thunder Bay                   

By  Tania L. Saj.

River Rocks Publishing, Thunder Bay
ISBN # 978-0-9782721-1-1

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Nakina Nostalgia                                                                                        $ 9.95  

Stories about the frontier railway town of Nakina as told by its pioneers.

River Rocks Publishing, Thunder Bay
ISBN # 978-0-9782721-0-4

Pre-orders taken. Available in Spring 2009